Archives department of

Rokitnianska State district administration of

Kyiv regiond



Archival department Rokitnianska District Administration has 3 staff units - 2 Heads and Chief.

Smolnytska Vera V.


born in 1966. Appointed Chief of Archival Rokitnianska District Administration of the Head of State Administration 06.05.2011, № 40-K.

In 1993 she graduated from Poltava Cooperative Institute majoring in economics.

According to the Regulation on archival department manages the activities of the department, be responsible for the performance of department objectives, approve the functional responsibilities of employees, issues within its competence, orders, organizes and supervises their implementation.

Kuzmenko, Tatiana


born in 1980. The Department, appointed by the Head of Administration on July 15, 2008 № 41-K.

In 2006 she graduated State Agrarian University Bila in "Accounting and Auditing".

Ensures implementation plans of the department is working to ensure the preservation and public accounting documents repair document binding and filing documents, check the availability and status of documents, issuance of documents to users, has been working to describe documents, improvement and processing descriptions, cataloging, performs thematic queries and demands of socio-legal nature, keeps records in the archive.