Archives department of

Rokitnianska State district administration of

Kyiv regiond



aKapustyan Nina was born April 29, 1956 in the village of Shandra Myronivsky Kyiv region in a family of farmers. In 1973 she graduated from high school Shandrivsku. Has basic higher education, in 1991 graduated Irpin agricultural college degree in accounting.

Kapustyan NM began his career Oct. 3, 1973 archivist Rokitnianska District State Archives. October 1, 1987 order dated 18.09.1987 № 12 was designed headed a regional state archives Rokitnianska executive committee, and from April 2000 to April 29, 2011 worked as head of archival Rokitnianska District Administration. Experience in the archival field over 37 years.

In 2007-2008 he was as part of the editorial board worked diligently to find new information, material handling, writing and preparing to print regional editions historical sketch "Rokytnyanschyna." In the essay describes the milestones territory occupied by modern Rokitnyansky area, and the history of human settlements - from the first references to the present day.        

In December 2008, awarded a diploma of Kyiv Regional State Administration.

Currently located on a well deserved rest.